Manual for the Wise Bride on having a happy, empowered, flourishing peaceful and thriving home. Getting It Right The First Time Tying The Knot Only Once

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15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before saying I do

How Do You Know When You Are In The Right Relationship

Personal Love - Woman Love Thyself  

Personal Accountability

Warm House

Housekeeping, Home Finance, Business, Family Life, Family Planning, Family Altar, Baby and Toddler care,

 Submission in marriage, Family Traditions, 

Good Relationship with in-laws, Childhood friends and husband's friends 

  Warm Food

 Menu planning, Food preparation, Recipes for  Nigerian and Intercontinental Food, Stews, Rice Dishes, Snacks small chops and Entertainment Dishes

Warm Bed

Sexual intimacy, Romantic Ideas, Enhancing Love life. 

         Infidelity in Marriage and Emotional Affairs


Today many Christian marriages have become prisons and many young men and women have missed their opportunity to get married because there are many with aspirations to marry but very few with proper understanding of what marriage is really about. The book, 'The Nigerian Brides Academy' aims to adjust the statistics positively by equipping single Christian women with the correct information about the purpose and principles of Christian marriage. From relating with in-laws to keeping home to providing a warm bed for the husband, the Nigerian Brides Academy is a manual on getting marriage right the first time, and more importantly, keeping it right in the face of all the contradictions of the times we live in. Authored by 18 Queen Mothers under the guidance of a seasoned Counselor and Project Coordinator, The Nigerian Brides Academy is highly recommended for single Christian women worldwide who want to initiate their marriage on a wow level and keep it there throughout their lives. Lanre 0. (Lagos)

Call/Whatsapp (234) 09090431690 for information on the locations to get the physical book

About The Book - Nigerian Brides Academy

 Are you getting married soon with a need to give your happy, loving, stable, peaceful, romantic and fulfilling marriage dream with a Nigerian flair or are you intending to live in an environment with Nigerian cultural influences?

 The guidebook, The Nigerian Brides Academy interprets a Warm House, Warm Food & Warm Bed in a Nigerian context for you. Get information today on

·       Family life, family planning, pregnancy, baby and toddler care

·       Tips on raising children to strive to be exceptional

·       Nigerian culture, traditions and relationships with in-laws

·       Menu planning, recipes and preparation of Nigerian food

·       Romantic expressions, intimacy & tips for enhancing your love dialogue

·       Protecting your marriage from outside competing influences of a typical Nigerian background – Infidelity and emotional affairs

·       And much more…

 Get ready for the biggest decision of your life Prepare for your marriage in a Nigerian context, get  

The Nigerian Brides Academy Manual today

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Call/Whatsapp (234) 09090431690 for information on the locations to get the physical book

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