Where are the "God Mothers" and "QueenMakers
to Train, Empower, Groom and Prepare 
Future Female Leaders 
to take over and Flourish all-round 
especially in their family Life
The Answer  

The Nigerian Brides Academy

Warm House Warm Food Warm Bed

Manual for the Wise Bride on Getting It Right The First Time Tying The Knot Only Once


15 Questions to Ask Yourself Before saying I do

How Do You Know When You Are In The Right Relationship

Personal Love - Woman Love Thyself

Warm House

Housekeeping, Home Finance, Business, Family Life, Family Planning, Family Altar, Baby and Toddler care,

 Submission in marriage, Family Traditions, 

Good Relationship with in-laws, Childhood friends and husband's friends 

Building A Legacy and Generational Wealth Transfer

  Warm Food

                         Menu planning, Food preparation, Recipes for  Nigerian and Intercontinental Food, 

                                   Stews, Rice Dishes, Snacks small chops and Entertainment Dishes

Warm Bed

                                            Sexual intimacy, Romantic Ideas, Enhancing Love life. 

                                                   Infidelity in Marriage and Emotional Affairs

                                           Bonus Chapter: Tips & Ideas

Balancing Family, Career and Business successfully
Coping as A Wife, Mother, Daughter, Daughter-in-law
Don’t Just SAY You’re Sorry – Prove It,
Communication Breakdown,
Why Many Marriages Fail & how to make sure yours succeed,
Choosing a marriage counsellor,
Money, Sex & Children: How to Avoid Life’s Greatest Battles
Nigerian Culture and Traditions
Blended Family Challenges
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